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EAC Military medical specialists to join RDF in 2019 CIMIC activities

Kigali, 7 May 2019

Military Experts from the East African Community block are now in Rwanda for a two days meeting aimed at assessing and planning the upcoming Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities due to start in Rwanda from 28 June to 03 July 2019. Participants in the meeting will share their CIMIC planned inputs and later conduct a field tour to evaluate first-hand their working environment and requirements for their respective working sites.

The RDF Chief J9 Col James Ruzibiza who is in charge of CIMIC activities in the force, noted that Rwandans will benefit from specialised medical services by specialists from EAC member states. “EAC member states will bring their medical specialists in Rwanda. There will be specialised medics in skin diseases, orthopaedics, dental, respiratory, gynaecological complications, among others,” Col RUZIBIZA added.

During the designated period, contingents from Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda (the host) will be engaged during the whole week in medical outreach services in different districts of the Eastern province.

Col Nelson Ahebwa, the Deputy Chief CIMIC in Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) reiterated that CIMIC by EAC Armed Forces is yet another good platform of sharing best practices and enhancing joint operations for the betterment of our people.

This is the second joint EAC Armed Forces CIMIC activities and it will be conducted in accordance with the EAC Defence Sector calendar of activities.

The aim of the EAC Armed Forces CIMIC Week is to foster cooperation between the people from EAC and their Defence Forces and this year’s activities will culminate into the celebrations of the Liberation Day in Rwanda.