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Rwanda Defence Force resumes blood donation campaign

11 May 2019

Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) and the National Centre (NBTC) for Blood Transfusion on Saturday resumed a blood donation drive in various military schools and barracks. About 200 blood units were collected at Rwanda Military Academy-Gako.

RDF took the initiative to contribute to Rwanda’s blood bank through donation as over 3000 blood units were collected in all schools and barracks last year.

Col Tom Mpaka, the Deputy Commandant of RMA-Gako commended blood donors who turned up for the exercise saying that “Donating blood is vital to us. We are on duty of both protecting and saving lives of Rwandans through various means including blood donation. Such act will always serve numerous patients.”

Alexia Mukamazimpaka, the Director of blood donation campaign at NBTC lauded RDF for their brave act of voluntarily donating blood, “This is yet another brave sign of our Armed Forces, for giving blood is giving life”, she said.

“We always work with RDF in ensuring public health welfare. Blood donation indicates the value, commitment and sacrifice our army have for the people,” she added

Annually, in Rwanda 40,000 patients are given blood transfusion services according to statistics from different health facilities countrywide. Surgeries, road accidents, cancer, pregnancy and women delivery-related complications, malaria were cited as among the most medical cases whose treatment require blood transfusion in the country.

Owing to different initiatives like community-based campaigns and sensitisation, blood donation has increased by over 15 per cent for the past five years. During this year’s exercise, over 90 000 blood units are expected to be banked, and will also be conducted in other military schools and barracks across the country, including Kami barracks, CTC-Gabiro, SOF-Bigogwe, GHQ-Kanombe, and BMTC-Nasho.